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Do no harm: iTrack™ and the corneal endothelium.

In this video interview, doctors Singh, Lubeck and Noecker discuss the interim results of a prospective, multi-center study assessing the stability of endothelial cell density in patients who underwent iTrack™ in conjunction with cataract surgery, presented at the Virtual ASCRS Meeting. 

With focal-based MIGS procedures, where we are redirecting aqueous flow to a specific point such as a stent or shunt, is it possible that we causing more endothelial trauma by directing aqueous currents toward a single point of exit only – versus a procedure such as iTrack™, which increases outflow through the entire system evenly.” 

David Lubeck, MD

Is the Angle the New Conjunctiva?

MIGS experts Dr. Inder Paul Singh and Dr. Mark J. Gallardo discuss the importance of preserving the angle with MIGS procedures, in order to preserve future treatment options, with fellow iTrack™ physician.

I view the angle as the new conjunctiva, because I want to manipulate it today – but I also want to preserve tissue. We all know that, in glaucoma, there’s not a single procedure that lasts forever. I want to be able to come back and treat the patient with SLT over 360 degrees. I want to be able to implant micro stents in the future, or even try to rejuvenate the system again with another iTrack™ procedure.” Mark J. Gallardo, MD

Demonstrating Real-World Efficacy with MIGS, iTrack™

MIGS expert Dr. Inder Paul Singh touches base with iTrack™ pioneer Dr. Khaimi to discuss the efficacy outcomes from a large multi-physician retrospective study, presented at the recent Virtual ASCRS. The study tracked the efficacy outcomes of iTrack™ in 869 POAG patients over a 36-month period.

It’s a bit of a unique study…. and it really speaks to the reproducibility of iTrack™ canal-based surgery. We included everything. Usually you hide what the residents have done or the fellows have done, but here we show some really good data that included residents as well as fellows, plus a couple of attendings.” Mahmoud A. Khaimi, MD, Dean McGee Eye Institute, University of Oklahoma

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