First launched in 2008 based on the pioneering scientific work of Professor Robert Stegmann and Dr. Murray Johnstone1 – 4, the iTrack™ canaloplasty microcatheter is both an engineering feat and a clinical triumph.

Measuring just 220 microns in diameter – the equivalent of several strands of hair – the iTrack™ comprises a sophisticated set of inner workings including a proprietary guide-wire mechanism that enables it to traverse the full 360° of the canal in a single intubation. It also features a fiber optic for illuminating the distal tip. The iTrack™ also enables you to customize the amount of OVD delivered on an individual patient basis. 

Not only does iTrack™ break the herniations that we see in the canal, but it also viscodilates. So, it’s really pushing out the entire distal channel and also opening up the trabecular meshwork.”

+100 Microliters of OVD +100 MICROLITERS OF OVD

iTrack™ delivers +100 microliters of OVD* over 360° of the canal. As observed via blanching of the episcleral veins immediately following the procedure4, iTrack™ improves flow through the entire conventional outflow system, including the distal portion.

* Testing using a robotically controlled ViscoInjector™ with time-recording mass data to simulate the delivery of OVD over 360° of Schlemm’s canal. Data available upon request.


The iTrack™ canaloplasty microcatheter is the only device to deliver OVD into Schlemm’s canal via a patented, pressurized mechanism (Patent No. US7,967,772,B2). 


With the iTrack™ canaloplasty microcatheter you can adjust the amount of OVD delivered based on the patency of Schlemm’s canal.


With a flexible design and internal guide-wire, iTrack™ is the only canaloplasty device that can catheterize 360° of the canal during a single intubation.


A malleable yet rigid internal guide-wire within the iTrack™ canaloplasty microcatheter may minimize the risk of creating an artificial pathway. It also enables you to push through herniations and to maneuver through tight areas of the canal.


A proprietary illuminated fiber optic tip provides continuous location feedback and helps to safeguard against misdirection of the iTrack™ canaloplasty microcatheter into the suprachoroidal space or the collector channels.

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1. Smit BA, Johnstone MA. Effects of viscoelastic injection into Schlemm’s canal in primate and human eyes: potential relevance to viscocanalostomy. Ophthalmology. 2002;109(4):786 – 792. 2. Stegmann R, Pienaar A, Miller D. Viscocanalostomy for open-angle glaucoma in black African patients. J Cataract Refract Surg. 1999;25(3):316 – 322. 3. Johnstone MA, Grant WM. Microsurgery of Schlemm’s canal and the human aqueous outflow system. Am J Ophthalmol 1973;76:906 – 17. 4. Grieshaber MC, Pienaar A, Olivier J, Stegmann R. Clinical evaluation of the aqueous outflow system in primary open-angle glaucoma for canaloplasty. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2010;51(3):1498 – 1504.

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