redefine the treatment of mild-moderate glaucoma with iTrack™

An Implant-Free and Tissue-Sparing Procedure

Using breakthrough microcatheter technology, iTrack™ does not remove or damage tissue and does not require a permanent stent or shunt.

The world’s first Canaloplasty Microcatheter

Despite measuring just 250 µm in diameter, the iTrack™ canaloplasty microcatheter comprises an infusion pathway, a proprietary guide-wire that controls how the microcatheter tracks, and a fiber optic for illuminating the distal tip.

Visit the iTrack™ Video Library

Rather than attempt to mechanically change or bypass the pathway of aqueous outflow, iTrack™ acts to re-establish the natural outflow pathway via a two-step process of microcatheterization and viscodilation. Watch our clinical videos to see how.

Browse the iTrack™ Online Bibliography

Introduced in 2008 and with more than 100,000 procedures performed globally, there is extensive clinical literature attesting to the efficacy and safety profile of iTrack™ . Browse the online bibliography.

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