iTRACK™ for

Glaucoma. Treat all of the problem.

By comprehensively addressing all resistance sites in the conventional outflow pathway, including the collector channel ostia, canaloplasty is a highly effectively 360-degree treatment option for glaucoma.

Re-establish the conventional outflow pathway

Unlike other glaucoma procedures which bypass or remove a portion of the conventional outflow pathway, canaloplasty is a stent-free, tissue-sparing procedure designed to re-establish the function of the conventional outflow pathway.

Should you spare, or tear, the meshwork?

Preserving the structure and restoring the function of the trabecular meshwork may help to reset an important physiologic mechanism for counteracting IOP fluctuations and elevations.

The original canaloplasty microcatheter

Measuring just 250 microns in diameter, the iTrack™ comprises a sophisticated set of inner workings including a proprietary guide-wire mechanism that enables it to traverse the full 360° of the canal in a single intubation.

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